Welcome to Totara Academy

Want to get more from your Totara Learning products? Need to prove your expertise? Looking to improve your skills? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you could benefit from the Totara Academy. The Totara Academy offers Totara Partners and subscribers a range of training materials, courses and certification programs to become certified in their knowledge of Totara Learning products. As well as this, the Academy offers self-paced courses with resources that allow new Totara users to get up to speed on Totara site administration and training.

Anyone can attend the Academy! Access self-paced courses and webinars for free. To create an account, just click the Login link and choose to create an account.

Why enroll in the Totara Academy?

The Totara Academy has been designed with LMS administrators, content creators and instructors in mind, comprising a comprehensive program of activities to upskill you, your team and the overall Totara innovation network, which benefits everyone under our open source model. This helps you prove your skills when it comes to Totara Learning products, and gives you a better understanding of the products you use in your role. This helps you get more out of your Totara products, meaning you can create and administer better learning, which ultimately results in better results for your organisation. And because it’s certified, you can take your certificate with you throughout your career, making it a valuable addition to your roster of skills.

Ready to get certified?

There are two product certification programs available to those enrolled in the Totara Academy:

The Totara Course Creator certificate is aimed at certifying developers of learning resources or courses who seek to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in developing Totara online courses and learning activities.

The Totara Administrator certificate is aimed at certifying administration and Information Communication Technology (ICT) professionals who seek to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the administration of Totara products within their work role.

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